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District Industries Centre is an integral part of the Department of Industries and commerce functioning at the District Level. Dist.Industries Centre is envisaged as a single window interacting Agency with the entrepreneurs at the Dist. Level. Services and support to Small entrepreneurs are provided under Single roof through Dist.Industries Centre. Dist.Industries Centre is the implementing arm of the Central and state Govt. of various schemes and programmes.

The Vellore district has a dominant presence in the Leather and Leather based industries. Vellore District accounts for more than 37% of the country’s Export of Leather and Leather related products such as finished leathers, shoe uppers, shoes, garments, gloves and so on. Leather and Leather products exports by the end of the year 1999 has been estimated Rs.2000 crores from this District alone. The Govt. of Tamilnadu provide all possible capital subsidies and infrastructural support in the form of setting up Indl.Estate and common effluent treatment plant. Thus Vellore Dist. share of the Leather market in the years to come is ensured.


 Registration of Small Industries is done at District Industries Centre.

 "Small scale Industrial undertakings are those which are engaged in the manufacture, processing or preservation of goods and in which investment in plant and machinery (original cost) does not exceed Rs.1.00 crores with effect from 24.12.99 whether held on ownership terms,or on lease or on hire purchase."

    1. Provisional SSI registration certificate are being issued within 3 days from the date of receipt of application. This certificate engaged to get clearance on prority to get E.B. connection, financial assistance and plan approval by local bodies.

    2. The Permanent SSI registration certificate are being issued for the units who have started the production, repairing,and servicing activity after the personal inspection by Dist.Industries Centre officials. Certificates are issued within 30days from the date of application. All incentives could be availed only after obtaining Permanent certificate.

    3. Existing Cottage/Handicraft certificates having plant and machinery value not exceeding Rs.5.00 Lakhs and5 H.P.power connection are being issued with Cottage Industries/Handicraft certificate. It is being issued within 30 days from the date of receipt of application.

 Acheivement for the year 1998-99and 1999-2000

 Target Achievement

 1) Provisional SSI regn. Certificate 1998-99 2200 1489

 1999-2000 2200 2341

 2) Permanent SSI regn. Certificate 1998-99 1220 1222

 1999-2000 1220 1224

 3) Cottage Industries certificate 1998-99 200 135

 1999-2000 200 200

 4) Handicraft certificate 1998-99 100 70

 1999-2000 100 100


 A number of steps have been taken to boost the development of industry in the state. Single window committee have been setup to assist small industries to secure and obtain statutory clearance for starting industries at District Level. Monthly single window clearance meeting under the Chairmanship of the District Collector are conducted regularly. During 1998-99 , 162 clearances were obtained and during 1999-2000,204 clearances were obtained from various departments.


 With the object of fostering the pace of Industrialisation and to enhance the competitiveness of Tamilnadu for attracting larger share of industrial projects, Govt. of Tamilnadu has introduced an attractive package of incentives.

 The following table gives a comprehensive list of concessions and incentives offered by the state to encourage investment and promote industrial activity:



(rate on fixed assets) VALUE

(Locational based) (Rs.in Lakhs)

State capital subsidy

Most Backward area Capital subsidy for all

new industries set up in 4 most backward 20% Rs.15.00Lakhs

blocks namely Arcot,Nemili,Jolarpettai

and Kandili

Backward area capital subsidy for all

New industries set up in 11 backward 15% Rs.15.00Lakhs

Blocks namely, Veellore, Katpadi,Gudiyattam

Kaniyambadi, Pernambut,Alangayam,Thirupathur

Natrampalli, Kaveripakkam,Anaicut& Timiri

(Industry based)

Special capital subsidy

(a)Trust Sectors:

Leather Industries 20% Rs.20.00Lakhs

Electronic industries 20% Rs.20.00Lakhs

(b)Select Sectors

Automobile spare parts

Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

Sports Goods and Accessories

Pollution control equipment 20% Rs.15.00Lakhs

Solar energy and other non-conventional

Energy devices for user industries on cost

Of each equipment (for Medium/Large scale units

Jute industries (in specified areas) 10% Rs.10.00Lakhs

Export oriented Gold Jewellery and

Dimond processing.

Food processing industries

Cost effective building materials


General 10% Rs.10.00Laks

1,2,3 star hotels with investment (excluding cost of Land)

Less tjanm Rs.100 Lakhs.

Amusement parks

Golf courses, Restaurants

Other Industries

Employment of women(more than 5% Rs.5.00 Lakhs

30% of their work force)

Effluent Treatment plant 10% Rs.2.00Lakhs

Generator subsidy 15% Rs.5.00 Lakhs

Power Tariff concession

Tariff concession for Low tension

Year 1 40%

Year 2 30%

Year 3 9; 9; 20%

Details of incentives disbursed under subsidy scheme:

State/Spl.capital subsidy LTPT subsidy Generator subsidy

Amt. Allotted 1998-99 Rs.163.90 Lakhs Rs.24.69Lakhs Rs.1.03Lakhs

Amt.Disbursed Rs.163.90 Lakhs Rs.24.69Lakhs Rs.1.03Lakhs

No.of beneficiaries 69 ; 137 4

Amt. Allotted 1999-2000 Rs.209.09 Rs.24.39 ; Rs.2.81Lakhs

Amt.Disbursed Rs.209.09 Rs.24.39 Rs.2.81Lakhs

No.of beneficiaries 53 152 8


The Main object of this scheme is toprovide financial assistance to all Educat ed unemployed persons both male land female to set up their own ventures such as Industry, Bussines and service. This will facilitate to eradicate the unemployment problems in this District.


    1. QUALIFICATION: 8TH Std.passed and above

    2. Age : 18 to 35 years (for SC/ST,women,Handicapped

And ex-servicemen is45 years)

(c)Family income : Not exceed Rs.24,000 per annum

(d) Loan amount : Rs.1,00,000/= for Business and Rs.2.00Lakhs for

Industries. Joint Ventures are also encouraged if

The project cost exceeeds Rs.2.00 Lakhs and

Maximum Rs.10.00 Lakhs for 5 Entrepreneurs.

(e)Subsidy : 15% subject to a maxium of Rs.7,500/=

(f) Training : 10 days for business and 20 days for industrial activity

(g) Training stipend : Business activity Rs.150/=per trainee and

&#Rs.300/=for industrial acitivity per trainee.



No. Amt.inLakhs No. Amt.inLakhs

1998-99 925 927 Rs.443.36 837 Rs.362.40

1999-2000 700 734 Rs.333.50 534 Rs.236.63

(as on 30.4.2000)

Women Entrepreneurs Development training programme

For the promotion of women in social and economic status by starting of industry,

2months training in various traders of their choices are being provided under the Entrepreneurs Development programme of women. During the period they will be paid a monthly stipend of Rs.300/= per month. All women entrepreneurs who have passed Xth std having completed the age of 18are eligible for this training.After completion of 2months training they will b e provided financial assistance through Nationalised Banks, recommended by the D.I.C.

Target for Target for

      1. 1999-2000

No.of candidates allotted 35 30

No.of candidates trained 35 27

Industrial co-operative societies

Organising of Indl.co-operative societies by enrolling a cluster of skilled/semi

Skilled workers available in an area as lmembers so as to improve the economic conditions of the workers. Dist.Ind.Centre, controls and supervise the existing 11 Industrial co-operative societies in Vellore Dist.

Details of societies:


Sl.No. Name of the Indl.coop.society Phone No. Activity Employment


1 Ranipet Leather Finishing service 914172- Leather services 34

Indl.coop.society 22085

2 Pernambut Leather Finishing 914171- Leather servce 40

service indl.coop.society 72375

3. N.A.Dt. small scale lsheet metal 224420 Fabrication 25

Fabricators Indl.coop.society

4. Vaniyambadi Leather Finishing 32412 Leather service 17

service Indl .coop.society

5. N.A.Dt.small Industries servce 242085 Mild steel fabrication 45


6. N.A.Dt.Ex-servicemen women 243975 Polythene covers 40

polythene bags mfrs.indl.coop.


7. N.A.Dt. small Printers service 227582 Printing 25


8. North Vellore women Indl.coop. 225594 Tailoring 16


Export Oriented Units belongs to Vellore Dist

Import and Exports:

Procedure for imports and export policy have been simplified and liberalised by Govt. of India. All industrial units can import Capital goods, raw materials, intermediate components, consummable spare parts , accessories may be imported according its needs.

Export: The item of products manufactured by Indl.units/merchanent exports may export their end product to various foreign countries under export promotion council. There are various Export promotion councils and details of Export Promotion councils and its addresses are given below:

(1)Engineering Export promotion council, Malvika ccentre 3rd floor144,145 Kodampakkam High road, Chennai 34 Ph No.8277501, 8276007 Fax:8270491

(2) Leather export Promotion council,No.53, Raja muthiah road, Periamet,

Chennai-3 Ph.No.5389098, 5382041, Fax:91-44-5388713

    1. Chemical & Allied Products Export promotion council, Rasheed Mansion, No.622, Anna Salai, Chennai-6 Ph.8292310, 8294713 Fax.91-44-8295386

    2. Cotton Textils Export Promotion council, No.758, Mount road, Mount Chambers 2nd floor, Chennai-2 ph.8526638, Fax:8521205

    3. Apparel Export promotion council, No.498, Anna Salai, Karumuthu Centre,3rd floor, Chennai35 Ph.No.4346648, 4323742 Fax.91-44-4348416

    4. Handicrafts Export Promotion Council, Sasthiri bhavan, phase II 3rd floor, Headowns road, Nungambakkam, Chennai34

    5. Handloom Export Promotion Councils, No.18, Cathedral Garden road,Nungambakkm, Chenai 34

    6. Gem and Jewellery Export promotion Council, Ankur plaza, 3rd floor, 52, G.N.Shetty road,T.Nagar, Chennai17 ph.No.8276188, Fax 8226686

    7. Basic Chemicals Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Export Promotion council, No.23/1and 2, 5th main road, 3rd cross Gandhi Nagar, Bangalore-9

Ph.No.2269037 Fax No.91-80-2260446

Activity of Export promotion Councils:

Registering of Indl.units under export promotion council. Conducting of Indl.seminors regularly . Conducting of buyer and seller meeting at various foreign countries year wise so that the unit holder can export their goods easily.The council also guide the units how to export and the procedures of Import and Export policy of Govt. of India.

Registered Units under various export Promotion councils and their performance of Export pertaining to Vellore Dist.:

1)The units registered under Engineering Export Promotion Councils:

Sl.No. Name and address item of export year Value

1.M/s.Indira Industries, Desigining of noise 1999-2000Rs.255.13

No.6, sipcot Indl. Control equipment Lakhs

Ranipet systems& Gl.Fabrication

2.M/s; Kartick steels Ltd Steel and Alloy 1999-2000

52, Sipcot Ranipet

3.M/s.Samco metal & Alloy Steel castings&Alloy 1999-2000 Rs.634.24

Arni road,Kaniyambadi steel castings.

4. United foundaries (P)Ltd Grey Ironcastings 1999-2000 Rs.893.00

No.12/D, Indl.complex,


5. Secals Ltd, No.31, Steel &Alloy steel 1999-2000 Rs.203.90

No.31, Sipcot Ranipet castings.

(2)Leather Export promotion councils:

In the above council nearly 185 unit holders belongs to Vellore Dist. have been registered. Major and Medium scale unit were also under in the council. Some of the unit and address are given below:

    1. M/s. Farida Shoes Ltd, Ambur

    2. M/s.Florind shoes Ltd, Ambur

    3. M/s.Shafeeque shameel and co, Ambur

    4. M/s.T.Abdul Wahid and co,Ambur

    5. M/s.Bonaventure shoes Pvt, Ambur

    6. M/s.K.H.Shoes Ltd, Ranipet

    7. M/s.Taurus Leathers Pvt Ltd, Ranipet

    8. M/s.Khizaria Leathers, Ranipet

    9. M/s. RSL Industries Ltd, Vellore

    10. M/s.Hansa Leather Exports,Ranipet

    11. M/s.L.M.S.Gandi Md.and co, Ranipet

    12. M/s.Ejaz Tanning company, Vaniyambadi

    13. M/s.B.B.K.Leathers Pvt Ltd, Ranipet.

    14. M/s.B.S.Shoes Pvt Ltd, Arcot.

The above 185 council members export finished leather, leather footwears,

Footwear components, Leather Garments, Leather goods and Leather gloves. The Leather Units in the State is exported during 1998-99 is Rs.2751.42 crores out of which Vellore Dist. export value is Rs.2,000.00 crores which is 37% of India’s export on leather and leather related products.

For similar other export product’s name and address of the unit and other detail may be obtained from the respectivePromotion councils.

Export opportunities in respect of Vellore District per annum

Export := Small/Medium/Large Industries

Sl.No. Products No.of units Value of Exports

1. Leather and allied products 52 Rs.2000 crores

2. Textiles 2

3. Jem andJewellers 1 Rs.25 Lakhs

4. Apparalls 1 Rs.1.80Lakhs

5. Chemicals and Granites 3

6. Handlooms 4

7. Engineering units 7 Rs.2,400 Lakhs

Product wise SSI units registered in Vellore Dist.

Sl.No. Type of activity No. of units

Indl.Estate Other areas Employment

1. Food products 0 624 1320

2. Cotton Textiles 0 65 259

3. Wood products 0 365 9215

4. Leather andLeather products 66 677 14540

5 Chemicals 7 171 334

6. Non-metalic minerals 8 97 198

7. Basic metal products 15 50 120

8. Electrical and Machineries 10 230 298


9. Transport equipments 3 38 102

10. Paper and paper products 0 266 315

11. Repairing and servicing of 0 4963 6375


12. Readymade garments 0 4378 12050

13. Other manufacturing 24 3086 4898


Total 233 15505 50805


Medium and Large scale units are those which are engaged in the manufacture, processing or preservation of goods and in which investment in plant and machinery exceeds more than Rs.1.00 crores.

Sl.No. Type of activity No. of units Employment

Indl.Estate Other areas

1. Sugar and jaggery mfg. 0 3 1315

2. Tyres andtubes 0 2 900

3. Chemical units 3 0 950

4. Auto bearing mfg.unit 0 1 350

5. Cotton fibres 0 3 1090

6. Ceramic wool mfg 1 0 125

7. Engg. Industries 4 1 760

8. Leather and Leather 8 28 3650


9. Expolsive unit 0 1 360

Total 16 3 9590


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