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     e-Governance in Vellore District

The Tamil Nadu Government is highly concerned in implementing the e-governance in all its departments to serve the people in a hassle free way. It helps the people to get their work done in quick time and with less effort. In Vellore District we have initiated and implemented the following e-governance modules effectively.


arrow Land Record : A-register, Chitta, Porompokku etc ( http://eservices.tn.gov.in/eservicesnew )

arrow RTO : Book appointment, Register Grievance, Citizen Charter etc. ( http://transport.tn.nic.in/transport/ )

arrow e-tender – Publish, ebid, award of contract etc. ( https://tntenders.gov.in/nicgep/app )

arrow DIC - The online service for filing of Entrepreneur ( http://www.msmeonline.tn.gov.in/ )

arrow India Disaster Resource Network ( http://idrn.gov.in/ )

arrow Digital Life Certificate Generation - ( https://jeevanpramaan.gov.in )


arrow LAN with FOC & CAT6 cable laying are done within the Collectorate.

arrow Skyblaser (VSAT) & Leased line is used for WAN.

arrow DAMA / Leased line is used for Video Conference

arrow TNSWAN connection is established in the following offices / locations.

               bullet Taluk Offices (except newly created Taluks)

               bullet TSO offices (except newly created Taluks)

               bullet BDO Offices

               bullet RDO Offices

               bullet District Treasury,

               bullet Sub-Treasuries

               bullet Commercial Tax Dept.

               bullet Agricultural Department

               bullet TNHB

               bullet District Employment Office

               bullet Indian Government Registration Departments

               bullet District Court

               bullet Thiruvalluvar University

               bullet Government Vellore Medical College

               bullet VIT

               bullet CMC

               bullet Food Corporation of India, Vellore

               bullet NDRF - Arakkonam

Video Conference

arrow HD - Video Conferencing facility is established in the Collectorate.  Through which one to one and one to many connectivity can be established, all these have been controlled by NIC-SHQ / NIC, New Delhi.

arrow Desktop Video Conferencing : Through Desktop VC services (webvc.nic.in) Virtual Meeting can be conducted with Sub-District level officers.

e-mail Service

arrow Nearly 500 department / sections / divisions are provided with e-mail account in www.mail.nic.in or www.mail.gov.in

arrow QuickSMS Service is utilized by almost all the above email holders in Vellore District - through https://quicksms.emailgov.in/ to send SMS.

Vellore District Web-site (www.vellore.tn.nic.in and www.vellore.nic.in)

arrow Vellore District web-site contains the following important subjects for public use

               bullet Notice Board – Latest Announcements

               bullet District Profiles, Government officials contact details, e-mail directory, telephone directory, Public Information Officers etc.

               bullet Department wise Scheme wise Information's (e.g.. Statistical Hand Book)

               bullet Various links – related with Vellore district etc.

               bullet Tourist Places, Historical Monuments & Prominent Locations.

               bullet eDistrict GDP / TOPMS - Petition Status

               bullet Press Release

Taluk - Computerization

arrow Land Records Computerization

arrow Online OAP Back-office system for SSS Beneficiaries.

arrow IGNOAP/ IGNDPS/ IGNWPS Beneficiaries details are published in www.nsap.nic.in through web-service.

arrow eDistrict GDP / Taluk Office Petition Monitoring System

arroweDistrict (Certificates)

arrow ECS Payroll SW

Revenue Department

arrow ECS Payroll SW

arrow eDistrict (GDP) / TOPMS.

arrow Anytime Anywhere - eDistrict (Land)

arrow On-line BC/MBC Scholarship system implemented for students of Govt / Govt. Aided institutes.

arrow On-line ADW Scholarship system implemented for pre-metric / post-metric school students.

arrow On-line ADW Scholarship system implemented for college students.

arrow Web-based reporting system for “Disaster Management & Mitigation Department” - for the following schemes.

               bullet Flood Damage Information System

               bullet CTV Distribution Information System

               bullet Drought Monitoring System

               bullet Post Retirement Benefits

               bullet OAP Formats

               bullet Disciplinary proceedings

               bullet Accident Relief Schemes

               bullet Distress Relief Schemes

               bullet Revenue Dept. Manual

               bullet Village Directory etc

arrow Electronic File Processing System (EFPS) for Tappal Section

arrow CMCELL petition monitoring System

arrow Indian Citizenship

arrow Online National Database of Arms License System.

arrow Arms License Issuance System.

arrow Priceless Saree Dhoti System.

arrow Ammathittam MIS.

arrow SRDH - Tamil Nadu  State Resident Data Hub.

arrow TNGIS - Tamilnadu Geographical Information System.

arrow Land Proposal Monitoring System.

arrow Patta Transfer Appeal Management System.

Civil Supplies

arrow Price Monitoring System

               bullet Daily, Weekly, Monthly - Wholesale & Retail Market Price of Vegetables & groceries.

               bullet Hotel Prices (A, B, C – Categories)

arrow Weekly & Monthly - PDS allotment system

arrow Daily – Seizure Reporting System


arrow Web-based applications are in use for the following schemes / areas.

               bullet Varumun kappom Tittam

               bullet Dr. Muthulakshmi Maternaty benefit scheme and JSY

               bullet Pregnancy and Infant cohort monitoring

               bullet Integrated Management of Neonatal and childhood illness

               bullet Effective Disease Surveillance Information System

               bullet PHC : Deliveries, Morbidity, Performance

               bullet RCH outreach camp

               bullet Immunization Related Activities

               bullet Communicable Diseases

arrow Form9 SW – Month Review cum Consolidation Register of Local-Health-Visitor (LHV) / Public- Health-Nurse (PHN) – URBAN

arrow Family Welfare

arrow Immunization

arrow Mother care

arrow Immunization

arrow Anemia

arrow Stock

arrow Diarrhea Dieses

arrow IDSP - Integrated Disease Surveillance Project http://www.idsp.nic.in - VSAT based setup is

established in DDHS, CMC, VMCH for the above said project with the help of the network & web based

application - the following jobs are done

               bullet Syndromes Surveillance (S) Data Entry (Weekly)

               bullet Prismatic Surveillance (P) Data Entry (Weekly)

               bullet Laboratory Surveillance (L) Data Entry (Weekly)

               bullet Disease Outbreak

               bullet Generate Various reports

Regional Transport Office

arrow Vahan – Vehicle Related – Registration, Transfer of ownership, Renewal Registration, Issue of Fitness Certificates, Issue of Permit, Duplicate issue of permit, Duplicate issue of RC.

arrow Sarathi – The following License based transactions

               bullet Learner License

               bullet Driving License

               bullet Driving School License

               bullet Conductor License

               bullet Apply LLR through Driving School

               bullet Enforcement on DL

arrow Electronic File Processing System (EFPS)

arrow Notice / Reports published by RTOs are published in district official web-site.


arrow Statistical Hand Book published by Statistical Dept. for the year 2005-06, 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016 are hosted in district official web-site.

arrow District’s Census details are published in http://www.censusindia.gov.in

Market Committee

arrow Agmarknet – Through online Agmarknet Sw all the Regulated Market in Vellore District are publishing their daily arrivals & prices of commodities in www.agmarknet.nic.in


arrow Through Unemployment Assistance System software (UAS Sw) District Employment Office is distributing assistance amount to the eligible candidates.

arrow Notices / Reports published by DEO are regularly published in official web-site www.vellore.nic.in


arrow Automated Treasury Bill Passing System is implemented in Treasuries in Vellore District.

arrow ECS Payroll Monitoring System for DDOs in Vellore District to get their Payment related with Salary/Non-Salary.

arrow ECS Verification SW (for Treasury) – to accept the ECS bills submitted by DDOs.

arrow Web-based application sw for entering Health Insurance details maintenance.

arrow Web-based application for maintaining TAN account details

arrow Account Compilation for SW (for sending compiled report to AG Office)

arrow Web - Payroll

arrow Pension Monitoring System


arrow Web-based application for Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) http://nrega.nic.in – It has various logins for the following types of users.

            bullet For Panchayats GP/PS/ZP

            bullet For Workers (with JOB Card Number)

            bullet For Other Implementing Agencies

               bullet For District/Block Admin

               bullet For Banks/Post Offices

               bullet For Social Audit Agencies

               bullet For Publics

arrow Web-based application for Rural Development

               bullet MP-Local Area Development

               bullet Rural Housing

               bullet DRDA – Admin Fund Expenditure

               bullet SGSY

arrow Web-based application for Department of Drinking Warter Supply

               bullet Total Sanication PDL

               bullet Nirmal Gram Prescar Award detail

arrow Web-based application for Rural Development & Panchayat Raj Depatement

               bullet Minor Irrigation Tank Detail updation.

arrow RAPID SW

               bullet DRDA related Work allocation

               bullet Report preparation for conducting meetings.

Town Panchayat

arrow Web-based application for TPs are available in http://tn.gov.in/dtp

Police Deparment

arrow ECS Payroll SW

arrow IVFRT - Prior Reference Check.

arrow IVFRT - Nationality Status Verification.

arrow IVFRT - PAK Registration & Tracking.

arrow IVFRT - CFRO.

arrow IVFRT - Form  C & Form  S.


arrow Collabnand Sw for capturing FMB of Land details.

arrow Online Patta Transfer System

arrowAnyTime AnyWhere eServices(Land)

Commercial Taxes

arrow Web-based application for VAT.

Number Statement (for Budget)

arrow Web-based - Number Statement Application is used by all the department for preparing budget. Finally it is compiled by PAPD section.

arrow Client-Server based NUMBER STATEMENT for accounts department.

GEMSOFT (for Expenditure)

arrow Government expenditure monitoring software is a web-based software which helps to monitor the government department's (Panchayats Development Dept. & Agricultural Dept.)expenditure. It helps to consolidate the reports easily and Head-Quarters can watch the expenditure incurred by the department without asking report from them.


arrow  Milk Cow / Sheep / Goat - Monitoring System.

arrow National Animal Disease Reporting System - Implemented at Block Level

e - District Projects - Vellore District



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